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How much is a Baume & Mercier watch?

BrandModelReference numberBest priceOffers
Baume & MercierClassimaM0A10214$1,4747
Baume & MercierCliftonM0A10052$1,0587
Baume & MercierCliftonMOA10099$1,1636
Baume & MercierCliftonM0A10487$2,0646
Baume & MercierClifton ClubM0A10340$1,3496
Baume & MercierClassimaM0A10453$1,4965
Baume & MercierClassimaM0A10333$1,9255
Baume & MercierClassimaM0A10480$2,0785
Baume & MercierClassimaM0A10215$2,0785
Baume & MercierClifton ClubM0A10413$1,4345