Top 10 Invicta Racing Watches

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

The intriguing world of sportsmanship has been the inspirational source for many accessories over the years, marking out those with the taste for quality and a sophisticated lifestyle. Racing watches are many inspirations, evolving through time to combine high functionality and pleasing appearance.

Invicta, the Swizz, and Japan-owned company, has accomplished creating quality racing watches with multi-functions that meet the needs of a professional athlete while looking good. Here are the top 10 Invicta racing watches you should purchase now:

10. Invicta Sea Hunter

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The Sea Hunter has to be one of the most intriguing of the Invicta racing watch collections. Suitable for the adventurous swimmer and driver, this water-resistant racing watch has a 58mm head diameter and a smooth stainless steel band.

The time hands are Swiss Quartz, sweeping gracefully across the beautiful dial. Its gleaming appearance makes it easy to see underwater. This model has circular sub-dials illustrating dates, days of the week with a tachymeter circling the head. Go to your most reliable watch source and order the Sea Hunter to complete your collection.

9. Invicta Specialty

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The most striking fact about the Invicta Specialty is that it is too suitable for its price range. It has all the features you can find on a racing watch: 45mm face diameter, Swiss automatic movement, and water-resistant. It has a mechanical movement and a power source that can last up to 40 hours.

The dial hands are white, and the stainless steel bracelet comes with a diver’s buckle. Waste no time getting this shiny racing watch because it is one of the most understated, efficient Invicta watches.

8. Invicta Pro Diver

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Dedicated swimmers and divers always recommend the Invicta Pro Diver racing watch because its classical looks fit comfortably with the aquatic environment. The different models of this brand have various head sizes, ranging from 38mm to 47mm, to accommodate your preference. The face make-up is stainless steel with a screw crown typical of a diver’s racing watch.

Equipped with the Invicta brand FlameFusion, you are guaranteed to sustain no scratches. Grab your Pro Diver now.

7. Invicta I Force   

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I Force collection is famous for its precise Quartz movement and has a giant head of 51mm, unique from the other racing watches. The I Force collection offers a wide array of options to pick from, whether the movement type, the length, and the color of bracelets or straps and dial design.

This racing watch has an analog dial type with hour and minute indicators with day and date sub-dials. Its water-resistant abilities are a whooping ten bars, and it is wearable by both men and women. It’s not enough to read up on the Invicta Force; it is a must-have for the ideal man.

6. Invicta Angel

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The Angel series comes from the delicate side, exploring circular and rectangular designs to grace a woman’s wrist to keep in touch with the feminine side. Quartz’s function system is incorporated in the Angel series, with provision for chronograph as a perfect racing watch should. It has a 30 to 100 meters water resistance. Some design heads carry rotating bezels of different shades and color schemes, but the glowing hands remain uniform. Gift the most deserving person you know this perfect angel because it is one of Invicta’s most significant accomplishments.

5. Invicta Ocean Ghost

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The automatic movement with power storage of about 41 hours longevity gives the Ocean Ghost racing watch an aura that demands recognition. Its bezel rotates one way and has an analog dial with Arabic numbers on it. Its overall face diameter is 47mm, and it has a date, hour, minute, and second hands with chronograph functions that make it highly functional as a racing watch. Ocean Ghost has about 200-650 water resistance.

Its metal bracelet is dual-toned of about 22mm wide and 10 inches long. Start typing in those details to order the Ghost now.

4. Invicta Grand Diver

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47 diameter head size, 17mm thickness, metal bracelet, automatic Seiko NH35A movement, and a 366 power reserve makes up the Grand Diver ideal racing watch. The Grand Diver is more significant than the Pro Diver; many find that advantage for many reasons in respect to personal preferences. The race watch’s lugs face downwards to accommodate the wearer’s choice bracelet or straps neatly.

Its two tones of silver and gold give it an admirable look, and the wearer’s confidence is sure to be boosted as this beautiful piece is sure to attract attention. Do you need any more prodding? Grab the nearest Grand Diver from your local shops.

3. Invicta S1 Rally

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This racing watch comes with a leather strap and a 48mm diameter face. Its movement is Japanese, and it weighs about 100 grams.

It is a good racing watch as S1 Rally can use it to time laps and quick races for swimmers. It is also suitable for outdoor activities involving water since it has a 100-meter depth resistance but is not suitable for diving. Its sleek appearance and high functionality are sure to keep you satisfied.

2. Invicta Speedway

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Of all the Invicta watches, the Speedway is the boldest one yet. Well-suited for water sports, diving, and marine activities, this racing watch has its markings and lines accurately and visibly placed to record precise measurements.

Designed to sit on the hands naturally, it has a face diameter of 39.5mm and weighs 146 grams. With its changeable steel bracelet, 200 meters water resistance, and custom-made Tritnite, which retains glow for about 20 hours when exposed to adequate sunlight, the Speedway is a dual-purpose racing watch. Whether for your sporting activities or simple daily routines, the Speedway race watch has you covered.

1. Invicta Reserve Venom

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The Invicta Reserve Venom is a classy Swiss race watch of a 51mm case and a stainless steel bracelet. It comes in brown, white, and gold colors, maintaining the regal looks of a racing watch more suitable for men.

Its water resistance is 1000 meters in depth! Its high performance has piqued many’s interests, what with a chronograph function that lasts for about 30 minutes or more. Its intricately designed subdials indicate hours, minutes, and seconds with a window for date. This exciting timepiece is definitely on my race watch bucket list and should be on yours too!

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