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Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

A strap is a vital part of any wristwatch. It not only compliments your watch’s looks but also provides you with comfort. Besides, the strap is the most noticeable part of your watch, even than the timepiece itself. There is a wide array of watch straps each with different materials such as leather, rubber, silicone, nylon, fabric, metal, etc. Below, we will look at racing watch straps and the important details you need to know about these bands.

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What is a Racing Watch Strap?

A racing watch strap, also called rally strap is usually a leather band used for your racing watch. Normally, the broadest side of the bracelet has several oval or circular holes. The traditional straps usually have three to four circular holes, each of dissimilar thickness on each side of the straps. Moreover, the largest perforation would be located close to the watch horns while the smallest will be far away.

Other variations of rally watch straps have large holes, each of the same diameter placed on the middle part of the strap. The small circles or ovals are placed on each side of the straps’ edges.

Apart from these two, there is another racing watch strap, which has small holes, each of the same size. All of them are distributed evenly on the surface of the band.

Why Do Racing Watch Straps Have Holes?

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If you have ever noticed, racing watches straps usually have small or large perforations. These holes are added to the straps to make them breathable for the user. Besides, most people believe that racing watches are related to auto racing since automotive parts such as the steering wheels and the brake pads would usually have holes punched on them, to reduce the weight.

Others think that the watch straps are designed to give the watch a killer look, while others believe that the holes resemble the driving gloves. Even though everyone has a different theory, the fact remains that the racing watch straps have holes to enhance breathability by perforation, especially during warm seasons.

What are Rally Watch Straps For?

To understand what rally straps are for, then we might as well describe the benefits of having a racing watch. For starters, those who are in the motor-sport industry depend highly on accurate timekeeping, and rally watches are designed to help with that. They have a high-contrast dial so that the racers can read them even at high speeds.

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Additionally, they come with a tachymeter scale to allow the wearer to calculate speed or distance traveled over a fixed distance. The rally watches also have a chronograph feature, which normally has two or three counters on its dial. This feature includes a start and stop button, which can reset or start another timing with just one push.

But what are the benefits of rally watch straps? As you have seen, a racing watch is a very essential tool for the racer. Therefore, no rally watch looks complete without the addition of a racing watch strap. These straps are usually made of leather or rubber. Nonetheless, the bands are not only meant to complement the look of the watch itself but also have perforated holes on the surface to allow airflow under the watch.

Origin of the Rally Watch Straps

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As the name suggests, racing watches are inspired by the motorsport industry. When the automotive racing began in the 1890s, the work of the car engineers was to try and make the cars as light and fast. And this is still the case today.

Since the rally cars were still in their early stages of development, the engineers had to trim down the weight of the vehicle by creating holes only on some parts. As a result, the car could now weigh less, and the engine could be converted to high speed as well as the heat in the car could be dispelled from the car.

Besides, driving gloves too came with perforations at the same time that rallying became popular. Traditional driving gloves were made of leather and had holes punched on the fingers section to allow easy ventilation. Thus, when you compare the racing watch straps with the traditional driving gloves, then you can notice the connection between the two and their history.

Which Watch Strap Is Best?

There is a wide variety of rally watch straps in the market to satisfy each customer’s needs and tastes. They all come in different sizes, designs, colors, and materials used. This can include rubber straps, leather, vintage silicone, metal, and so much more. As a result, finding the best one for you can be a dizzying task. Below, we will look at some of the best rally watch straps in the market and their features and this can help you determine the right one.

Alpine Hand Made Grain Leather Strap: Genuine leather rally strap certain to give your watch a vintage look. It is also flexible, comfortable to wear, and of excellent quality.

Invicta S1 Rally Model 16009: Invicta watch is one of the best watches you can buy. Their leather straps can also fully satisfy you. It has large perforations on one side of the strap, each circle with an equal diameter.

Bandini Men’s Leather Rally Straps: Comes in different sizes and colors to fit the user’s preferences. It can fit both traditional and smartwatches of 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, or 24mm spring bars. This strap has durable high quality and soft surface with both small and large perforations for maximum breathability purposes.

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Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Strap: An ultrathin band with no filler padded yet comfy and durable. The strap features small perforations design so your wrist can maintain breathable comfort anytime you have your watch on.

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If going for a racing watch strap, then go for one with excellent quality and from the top brands. The right strap should complement your watch, your outfit, create a sporty-chic look, as well as your confidence. Nevertheless, it should also provide you with maximum comfort and proper ventilation.

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