Best watch bracelet material for your wrist

Jurica Krajacic
Jurica Krajacic

A wristwatch is not only a way to adorn your wrist. A wristwatch is a statement, a signature, a lifestyle piece. A watch bracelet is essential because it is what attaches your watch to your wrist. The watch bracelet serves right alongside the wristwatch as a complement to your outfit. Change it up in the winter or match it up with your clothes in the summer; the perfect watch bracelet can add to your overall attire and boost your confidence. Different people have different reasons for preferring leather over stainless steel and rubber over nylon.

In this article, we will examine the different watch bracelet materials. We will look at a few pros and cons to help you decide which wrist bracelet is suitable for every average wrist size male and female.

6. Ceramic watch bracelets

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Watch bracelets made from ceramic are fragile but suitable for everyday use. Only those who can be careful can use this watch bracelet. For this reason, the ceramic bracelet is number six on our list. Zirconia ceramic is the material used to make these fragile and beautiful watch bracelets. They are easy to clean. As heavy as they might look, they are expensive, lightweight, and very skin-friendly. Ceramic watch bracelets go through a long manufacturing process. These watches do not fade from the rays of the sun. They come in white and black colors and are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. 

5. Wood watch bracelets

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These new one-of-a-kind watch bracelets came into being because of the clamor for eco-friendly and animal-friendly watch bracelet products. Usually hand-made, these wooden watch bracelets are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. They are durable, lasting as long as leather bracelets, and very suitable for everyday use. This natural material might see differences in the wood grains and colors used on the straps, but that only serves to add to the charm of this environmentally friendly wrist bracelet.

4. Cloth Straps

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Cloth straps are constructed from cotton canvas, nylon, silk, denim, and many other fabrics. These straps are tough, colorful, and very comfortable. Of course, they do not do well with water but can be great on summer days. The most popular type of cloth straps is called NATO straps. They are water-resistant and made of nylon. They are great for those who have allergies because the design protects the skin from the metal parts of the watch. Cloth straps come in many exciting colors and are very easy to switch. This way, you always have one to match your outfit. Cloth straps are the casual watch wearers’ dream!

3. Rubber Straps

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Rubber wristwatch straps were first made for divers in the 1960s. Unlike the stainless steel bracelet, these straps are lighter to wear and do not corrode because of saltwater or harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, the initial material used was Polyurethane rubber which caused some friction from its stiffness and was unattractive. Today, different types of rubber straps for watches are available. Some examples of these watch strap materials are silicone, and vulcanized, or natural rubber. Rubber straps are durable, comfortable, flexible, beautiful, and suitable for every size of wrist including the average wrist size male and female. They are lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean. Rubber straps are still the first choice for swimmers as saltwater does not destroy them.

2. Leather Straps

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One of the most common types of watch strap material for your wrist is leather. It comes in 2nd on our list for several reasons. Leather is classy, a statement piece, durable and lightweight. The most common types of leather materials are Vegan leather, Alligator, Crocodile, and Cowskin. Alligator straps are cheaper but with the same look as the crocodile skins. However, good-quality crocodile skins are firmer and of better quality. All made from the hide of animals, these leather straps always give off a classy feel. Some designs are perforated to make the classic leather strap even more breathable. This design guarantees comfort without trading style. Other faux leather options are cheaper but still, look good. All leather straps have to be taken care of to avoid moisture and dirt giving off a bad smell. Of all the watch bracelets on this list, leather is the highest maintenance strap.

1. Stainless Steel and Metal watch bracelets

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The main reason why stainless steel watch bracelets are the most popular is because of their toughness. They are versatile and waterproof. These stainless bracelets are durable under any weather. Those who sweat heavily on their wrists will benefit from stainless steel bracelets. The main issue with stainless watch bracelets is that they might be too heavy for some people to wear every day, but they are great for every average wrist size male and female. Unfortunately, massive stainless steel links might not look good on those with a smaller wrist size. So it will be wise to explore different link and mesh sizes from big to super-fine. They all have their different styles and advantages. Stainless steel bracelets might pinch the hairs on your skin which can cause some discomfort.

There are different types of metals used for making watch bracelets like gold, silver, and titanium. These metals are high-end and can be expensive. Titanium is twice as strong as stainless steel but can be easily scratched. Gold and Silver coated watch bracelets are beautiful and durable but can be quite expensive.

Different watch wearers have diverse preferences of the watch bracelet material they prefer to use on their wrist. With so many colors, styles, shapes, and prices, the list is endless. Sometimes the type of watch you have determines the strap you choose. Other times, the design of the bracelet determines that for you. Your allergies can also be a factor in your choice of the watch bracelet or strap that best fits you. Whether leather for formal events or rubber for casual everyday wear, your watch strap can determine your whole look. Fortunately, you can change straps as you please, leather to work, and nylon to the beach, because with so many options, no one has to settle for just one?

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